Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung
Roses at the Cottage

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Heide (l) Heide (ll) Heide (lll) I love you!

It had never occurred to me before but as I write this the suburb of Heidelberg must surely be 'related' to the Heide Museum of Modern Art (I must be 'thick'). This is a little piece of paradise not only for gallery junkies like me but also those who love gardens. Although it's closeish (?!) to the city (and Richmond) it's not all that public transport user-friendly (there are instructions on the website but....). So if you have a car and a few hours to spare I recommend it. It's a hidden gem.
The pretty original farmhouse - Heide (l)
Renowned art benefactors John and Sunday Reed moved to the former dairy farm in 1934 - I recommend a visit to their original house (Heide l - well not called that but...) which now includes part of the Collection and Archive. The Heide Circle of the time included those who later became renowned Australian painters - Albert Tucker, John Percival and Sidney Nolan to name just a few. Our own Richmondite Mirka Mora (see earlier post 20 March 2013) was also part of the extended 'Circle'. In the early 60's the Reed's built a modern home which is now called Heide ll. It is fascinating to step back in time to view this marvellous gallery/home (with its one time must have - a 'conversation pit'). Finally in 1980 the Reeds sold Heide ll and much of the property together with the majority of their art collection to the State Government thus creating a public gallery and park. In 1993 Heide lll was born. 
John and Sunday Reed in front of the construction of Heide ll
The 15 acres of gardens include a marvellous kitchen garden. The grounds are beautiful, the sculptures dotted throughout the park are outstanding and to top it all off you can enjoy a coffee or breakfast or lunch at Cafe Vue (for those who don't have hundreds of dollars to visit the 3-hatted Vue du Monde in the city). You can even organise a divine picnic hamper (24 hours notice) and enjoy it in the park when the weather improves!  Of course you can always take your own picnic. 
Heaven at Heide
One of the current shows at Heide lll is extraordinary. I was in awe of Fiona Hall's Big Game Hunting. As it says in the catalogue '(she) is best known for extraordinary works that transform commonplace materials into vital organic forms' and 'A 21st century hunters den Fall Prey comprises a macabre yet wondrous wunderkammer of trophy-style sculptures of endangered species'. In order to get the picture here are some to wet your appetite.
Detail of the above = money has the domino effect of extinction of the bear
The disappearance of the apes
Glistening beaded skull
Beaded flower - note the stamen (are we washing it away)
Detail of the above - war - drowning - bombs the shape of the shark
Time is running out
Major cities of the world - icons
I could go on and on. I found her output and her thought processes absolutely riveting. My friend found it a bit depressing. But for me the ideas behind the pieces and the creation of them - and there were many - was extraordinary. I'll finish with a gem.
A sardine can with a video of flying fish - the symbol of escape from predators and also the historic Naval emblem of the ship of life
Whatever you do - don't miss it - you only have until 21 July.

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