Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung
Roses at the Cottage

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Come fly with me

Who said Frequent Flyers had to be two legged? I've just received advice that Virgin Australia are the first airline to announce a Pet Frequent Flyer Programme downunder! 4 legs = 300 points! A bit mean really - you'd think they'd make it 100 points per leg!
Do they have their own pull-on luggage?
Frank Sinatra's voice - or more recently Michael Buble's - keeps ringing in my ears!

Come fly with me
Come fly, come fly away

Although the remainder of the lyrics are rather less doggie (!) you might want to pop over here and read them if you feel so inclined!

I was pleased to see that points can only be earned if you accompany your dog - so now you have no excuse not to bring him/her/it/them with you when you need a break at Bowen Cottage. You'll find a list of Doggie Things To Do to keep them happy in Richmond. Here is just a selection of my late Santa Lucia's favourites. 
The late Santa Lucia at the Cottage door (Santa brought her one Christmas!)
MCG Park - what better place to run and ‘kick a footy’! Walk towards the city – it is almost on the corner of Bridge Road and Punt Road - and head for the ‘G’. (You can’t miss it – huge light towers). Dogs can run free in most of the park (look for the signs/maps) and there is a gum tree that has had a canoe carved out of it by the aborigines. See if you can find it on the hill!

Barkly Gardens – these lovely gardens are doggie heaven – no leads, trees to smell and mark, grass to run on and lots of dogs! It’s great all day but for a really fun time make sure you are there in the early morning or after 5! The more the merrier!

What fun there is to be had and being able to earn points as well - what a bonus! Now there's no excuse not to bring the master or the mistress of your home to the Cottage Woof! Woof!

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