Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung
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Thursday, 7 November 2013

A hole in the head

I am appauled by what I guessed was part of the Yarra Council's quirky-waste-of-ratepayers-money regarding some hideous 'installations' (a grand word for them) which are currently featuring in Bridge Road. I have subsequently discovered that they are a promotion by the Bridge Road Traders Association (but they would require the permission of Council) Perhaps they are supposed to be a joke. I hope so. By why do it? If I want to meet the mayor I don't want to put my head in a hole I want to meet her in person. Interestingly the sign is of a man when our current mayor is a woman!! Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear! I can see nothing - repeat nothing - on the council website. Perhaps they are as ashamed of them as I am. 
An embarrassment
They are dotted along Bridge Road and I just fail to see their purpose. There is no explanation attached to them. So there is miss-hole-for-a-face-Skipping-Girl - with nary an explanation of who she is, her fascinating history - and more to the point where you can find her. I wrote about her here in an earlier post (20/9/12). Coming from interstate, overseas, and even from Melbourne there would be many people who have never heard of her! And that's just one example. 
A far distant skipping girl on the corner of Punt Road and Bridge Road
Then we have Dimmeys Stores (I wrote about it here in an earlier post - 23/5/12) Well Dimmeys has now closed and is now a shell of a building with just a facade - while 10 storey apartments are being built and yet there it is featuring outside the Richmond Town Hall. Now Dimmeys was in Swan Street - not even Bridge Road.  And where is the explanation that the clock tower was 'saved'.
Outside the Town Hall - stick your face in the middle of the Dimmeys Clock Tower!
Just look at the writing - no dot on the top of the i in find - no explanation - unbelievable
Discussing this at the hairdressers this morning the following comments were made "but they're so tacky", and "they're so poorly made" and "they look like children have done them - but why." After leaving the hairdressers I photographed the one on the corner of Bridge and Church Streets. Not only has it replaced a rather interesting yellow metal sculpture but just look at the back of it. Truly dreadful. 
I have never seen anyone put their face in a hole! Would you?! Bottom left - Here we grow?!?
The reverse side - replacing a sculpture on the main corner of Bridge Road/Church Street
I decided to Google Here we grow - hooray for Google because no other information is forthcoming. Just read their reasons for these dreadful signs here. They state that 'Here We Grow is a creative marketing campaign, activated by The Projection Room for the Bridge Road Traders Association.

Truly dreadful. They are an embarrassment. Do you agree? Am I missing something here. If so tell me!