Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung
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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Fireworks attempt to get Docklands firing!

There's something rather sad about Docklands - Melbourne's newest inner city suburb. Right on the water it should/could have been wonderful. But urban planning has given us soulless high rise, after high rise, after high rise apartment and office blocks and with them dreadful wind tunnels. It feels like a desert city. What a location. What an opportunity. What a waste. When it was first mooted it was to be THE new waterside city of Melbourne (to compete with Sydney!?). Historically Melbourne has always turned its face from the water - think the Yarra River before Southbank and even to this day the 10 year old Melbourne meeting place Federation Square does not embrace the Yarra. 
Docklands looking towards the city
Docklands has struggled to attract visitors and the word now is that it will be at least another 10 years before it 'settles into the psyche' of Melburnians. Sadly I wonder if it ever will. There seems to have been one disaster after another. The enormous 38 storey ferris wheel (to compete with London's Eye?!) buckled in the heat of its first summer (great engineering in the land of heat and weather extremes!). At the time the Chairman announced that "the excessive heat over the last few days has buckled some bracing members" (members? - is that another weasel word!). Built in 2008 it was originally named the Southern Star Observation Wheel and it has now been renamed the Melbourne Star. It will take more than a name-change to get it going!  Nearly 4 years later it is still not re-opened. (It might have been quicker to re-build it entirely!) How sorry I feel for the poor shop owners who have no thrill seekers to sell to!
The Melbourne Star with broken 'members' - The Age
In an effort to 'get Docklands going' the City of Melbourne is putting on free fireworks every Friday night in July and August starting at 7 pm. Located at 429 Docklands Drive (near Harbour Town) it might be worth a visit - if you have children! From the Cottage the number 48 tram will take you to Docklands. Alternatively if you are off to see the footy at Etihad Stadium before going into the game walk along the promenade to the western end and you might just catch some sparkle arkles. Just remember to rug up!
City of Melbourne ad for Docklands fireworks
I couldn't believe it when I was enjoying a marvellous concert at the South Melbourne Town Hall on a recent Friday night to suddenly hear boom-bash-boom-snap-crackle-pop - not from the world-renowned quartet - but from Docklands! 20 minutes of fireworks certainly made it an explosive and disconcerting beginning to Shostakovich!

I'm afraid it will take more than a free fireworks display to ignite my fire for Docklands.

What do you think? 

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