Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung
Roses at the Cottage

Tuesday, 5 February 2013


I wonder how many of you know who Molly is without explanation. Probably most of you! Well it is of course Richmond's (Ian) Molly Meldrum - he of 'always wear a hat' fame.
Molly studying the form at the 2012 Melbourne Cup

This Richmond resident (some would say icon!) who recently turned 70 lives close to Bowen Cottage in Highett Street between Lennox and Church Streets. I'll leave you to source the 'exact' address - it isn't hard to find - the entire front fence is painted with his loves - Egypt and the Pyramids, the Melbourne Storm and the St Kilda Football Club.
Molly's hard to miss fence

During the enormously successful Tutankhamun exhibition at the Melbourne Museum last year Molly was 'instructed' by an over zealous Council to remove the 'advertising' on his wall as he had not put in an advertising application and with it the Council advertising fee! What a pity that Council worker isn't as zealous about the removal of anything as important as the removal of laneway weeds and the ever growing graffiti walls (some of which are terrific)! Advertising - no. Passion - yes. Length of time on the fence - ages (I can't be more specific). Suffice to say after the press got hold of this piece of Council over-regulation gone mad - Molly was 'allowed' to keep his (non) advertising Egypt fence!
'Advertising' for Tutankhamun - an outrage!

I see Molly at the local supermarket occasionally. Pre-Christmas 2011 he fell from a ladder whilst erecting Christmas lights (a word of warning to all 'aging' friends - be careful on a ladder - don't do it alone!) and spent months in our wonderful local Epworth Hospital and their rehabilitation wing. The locals were pleased to see him finally return to the local shopping centre. (You may even spot him at Coles if you are staying at Bowen Cottage - keep an eye out for him!)
Molly Stamps (his mark!)

And now Australia Post has included him in the recent Australian Legends series. Now that tells me that he has 'arrived'. Free spirits like Molly (no first or second name required) certainly add to the fabric of our suburb.  

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