Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung
Roses at the Cottage

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

To market, to market, to buy a .....

Just a short walk from the Cottage is a real hidden gem and a bit of a secret to many. It is Victoria's oldest street market. 
Join the locals - stop for a chat, browse the stalls, it will be gone by 1 pm
Located right next to the Richmond Town Hall in Gleadell Street it runs from early (too early for me!) Saturday morning until around 1 pm - when the garbage trucks sweep in to remove all that the vendors leave behind. And miraculously it turns the street back into a street!
A variety of quality - to fit your budget
It has such a community spirit with such an eclectic group of citizens - which is a great reflection of the vibrancy of Richmond. 
The choice is yours
Watch for shopping trolley drivers and those on a mission to self-serve the best fruit. Shoppers can be ruthless when there is a bargain in the air! And what bargains there are to be had. 

Help yourself - choose carefully!
Making tomato or red pepper sauce - then this is the place to buy boxes of tomatoes and red peppers in season. Making pickles - this is the place to come. Making jams - the fruit choice is yours. It is all there and often at ridiculous prices. 
Peaches - $6 a tray, Tomatoes - $5 a box!
If you don't want a whole tray of peaches or mangoes - then 'negotiate' with the other shoppers and you might be able to 'do a deal' by taking half a tray each. Of course you can buy just enough for your own needs. It doesn't have to be enough for 'the weekly shop' or a cookathon!
What a delicious fruit salad
Stop for a coffee, a croissant and a chat under the trees, or queue up for an egg and bacon roll while listening to a French busker - it might even make you think of the local markets in Europe.
Hot work at the barbeque
It's a fun thing to do on a Saturday morning. And it's a great way to see the locals enjoying a unique street market. And of course pick up a bag of fruit or vegetables - or even fish, eggs, chicken, breads and nuts as well as the odd bargain.
Who could resist a bunch or two of sweet peas to tuck under your arm
Just remember to take your own carry bag - this is a 'bag free' market. It's a little piece of Richmond history - right on your doorstep (well nearly!) Don't miss this Saturday ritual.

Bowen Cottage client comment: We didn't fill out the Guest Questionnaire because you know we will always rate the cottage a 10.

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