Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung
Roses at the Cottage

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Parlez vous francais?

With Bastille Day fast approaching (well this Saturday 14 July) it's a great opportunity to introduce all things French in downtown Richmond.

For baguettes, petite lemon and strawberry tarts, chocolate eclairs, millefeuille (hard to say, hard to eat - but worth every calorie!) my favourite French Patisserie is Almost French at 138 Swan Street - telephone 9429 2080.
Calories aplenty

Run by a charming (and attractive) Vietnamese couple it is always a joy to see - and smell - the bakery in action whilst enjoying a coffee seated on its rustic french cafe chairs.
A shrine to delicious Almost French food
With macarons the new petite morsel featuring at every cafe and on every cooking show the newest member of our community is La Belle Miette at 432 Church Street - telephone 9024 4529. Divine macaron combinations including pistachio, raspberry, chocolate, nougat and caramel there is a taste sensation for everyone. My favourite is Mariage Freres tea.
Presentation Presentation Presentation
Walking into macaron paradise takes me straight back to Paris!

And finally my favourite French restaurant in Richmond is Noir at 175 Swan Street - telephone 94283585
I could continue but for now enjoy le quatorze juillet with a glass of Beaujolais nouveau, perhaps a Boeuf Bourguignon and mop it up with a crusty baguette, some smelly French cheese from the Cheese Room at Richmond Hill Cafe and Larder (see post of 16 May 2012) and a lemon tart and finally with un petit macaron. What more could one wish for!

Bowen Cottage client comment this week: Gorgeous

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