Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung
Roses at the Cottage

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

A surprising find

Walking near the Yarra River the other day I came across a plaque I had never seen before (writing blogs has made me open my eyes to my surroundings!!) I was surprised to discover that one of our local members of Federal Parliament for the seat of Yarra was James Scullin (18 September 1876 – 28 January 1953). 

Scullin had the misfortune to be elected Australia's ninth Prime Minister just 2 days before the Great Depression in September 1939.
James Scullin

I was interested to read that he first stood against Alfred Deakin - one of the leaders of the movement for Federation (6 States and 2 Territories) which took place on 1 January 1901. Deakin (3 August 1856 – 7 October 1919) went on to become Australia's second Prime Minister. 
Alfred Deakin

Richmond has until fairly recently been considered a 'working class' suburb but things are changing rapidly as the yuppies move into gentrify the suburb. Certainly Scullins' home has been gentrified to a point that I am sure he wouldn't recognise it!
6 Park Avenue, Richmond - with a new coat of paint and a new owner
Bowen Cottage client comment: The perfect home away from home in a great location - we wanted for nothing extra during our stay

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