Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung
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Thursday, 12 June 2014

When is a gate not a gate....

Writing about Richmond gates in an earlier post (see here) I regretted not photographing some rather wonderful black geese gates which had been around as long as I have been in Richmond. One minute they were there and the next they were gone - as the building was demolished for ... yet another apartment block.
The grey goose gates - I'm rather keen about the one that has broken free!
So imagine my delight when I found them again! They have reincarnated into an 'instillation'. Painted a rather boring - but it seems very fashionable - grey you will find them on the corner of Bridge Road and Bosisto Street (between Lennox and Church Streets). I'm thrilled that they have been saved but feel sad that they are now grey and not black. They just don't have the same impact.
Take a gander (!) at the geese close up - you can see the wriggly line down the middle where the gates used to open
In their previous life they graced a rather charming courtyard and were enhanced because you could see through them. They were also a 'feature' of Bridge Road. Still one can't complain. I had feared they had gone to the scrap dealers - so well done to the 'preservers'. 

Bowen Cottage - It seems grey is the new in-colour!
Now talking about a rather boring grey colour I am pleased to say that I have now had the cottage painted grey (!!) with black shutters. The aging green carpet has also been updated to - grey! So who am I to complain about the black geese - whoops - grey geese gates! Not this goose!

The 'grey' (fashionable colour!) module apartments
If you do happen to pop along to see them - then look at the building next to them in Bosisto Street - this mega-apartment block went up in record time. They craned in entire pre-made module floors - exraordinary. Oh and if you are a lego fan then the apartments abut Leggo Place (sorry about the additional g!)

Bowen Cottage client comment: The cottage is looking lovely

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