Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung
Roses at the Cottage

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

let's go climbing

Did you know there's a Bouldering Wall in Burnley? Burnley (and Cremorne) are part of the Richmond municipality. Now I could think of nothing I would like to do less than test my strength (!?) climbing up a vertical wall hanging on by my fingernails (it's hard enough to get them to grow as it is) as I launched myself up! It was hard enough on a recent trip to the Kimberley where we needed to climb up cliff faces to swim in rockpools away from the crocodiles - but there was incentive in doing that! But it seems that climbing up walls is a pretty hot thing to do. There is even an inside climbing wall at Clip 'N Climb at 144 Murphy Street, Richmond
This Clip 'N Climb - looks fun - even I think I could do it!
The great thing about the Burnley Bouldering Wall (don't you love the name) is that it's right beside the River Yarra overlooking the marvellous Herring Island (see earlier post here) and underneath the South East (Monash) Freeway with the bike path alongside.
Keep away from the shark! (I think Dad has the best idea!)
The BBW can be accessed from the Yarra walking and cycling Trail - at the river end of either Coppin or Mary Streets. You might even see the rowers passing by.
This looks easier than climbing but...
Right under the freeway - 2nd right is doing the splits, 3rd left is all crossed over!
And as they say on the Hide & Seek website here  "Just remember to tighten your grip when the semi-trailers pass overhead"!!
It has to be good for something - your abs me thinks! (hide & seek)
Are you are wall climber or just someone who 'climbs the wall' when confined to a small space!

Bowen Cottage client comment: Very pleased to be back again

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