Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung
Roses at the Cottage

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Celebration Cakes!

Right across the road from the Richmond Town Hall is a cake shop that has always fascinated me. Their cake window displays are - how shall I put it - kindly - 'magnetic'. There seems to be a cake for all occasions - both tasteless - and otherwise. 
I'll have a number 4 please!
As I was photographing the window displays another face was peering in fascinated as well "I wonder what the actual cake tastes like" said the peerer! So do I!
For the princess before she grows up
And for Princess Kylie when she has grown up - every princess needs a Chanel bag!

Amazingly the Purity Cake Shop has been there for as long as I can remember at 296 Bridge Road. So they must be doing something right!
Wedding cakes (and even a wedding pillow stack on the right) for all occasions - walk in/walk out

I'm sorry to say that the leaning tower of choclolate mud cake which 'lived' in the window for ages has now been replaced by the leaning tower of red rose petals. But they are only just leaning - the mud cake really worried me. Perhaps gravity finally won the day.
The leaning tower of red roses - all tied up in cellophane

So do stop for a peek in the window if you're passing. It's a very good indication of what is 'hot' at the moment!
An iphone with apps aplenty

2 year old Tom - he's rather cute

I think this must be Tom's 'graffiti' grandfather - just around the corner!
And while we're on the subject of cakes and all things sweet - I was fascinated by the display of macarons in the supermarket Thomas Dux in Bridge Road the other day. I am seriously embarrassed to admit that for a minute (or more!) I thought the umbrella handles were some new macaron varieties being offered as a free tasting!
I'll have a pistaccio and a lemon macaron - oh and a raspberry, lavender and perhaps an orange one - oops they're umbrellas!!

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