Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung
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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Ballooning over Melbourne

Quite often I am woken by a wooshing sound and when I open my shutters I'm greeted by a wondrous view of balloons floating towards me - I just hope they can't see in the window (they do come pretty close) as it would be a sight to behold! Ballooning is such a great way to see the city from a different angle.
How low and close can they go!
Landing - I hope!
Deflating nearby!
I've ballooned on the Atherton Tablelands in the hinterland from Port Douglas and Cairns. I must say it was pretty underwhelming. I had expected to see wonderful rainforests - somehow from above they looked a bit scraggy. And I thought I would be able to see the Great Barrier Reef or at least some of the closer islands. Sadly I didn't - we were probably too far away. And then there was the noise. I had never thought about the noise that the gas flame makes as it wooshes up into the balloon to keep the basket and the passengers aloft (thankfully). It was unbelievable. So instead of a gentle quiet float we had a gentle exceedingly wooshing noise float. 
Blowing up in Cappadocia
However I must say that when I ballooned in Cappadocia in Turkey a couple of years ago it was pretty amazing. But again the wooshing noise was pretty loud for one who would like to float sliently and gently above the sights. But the wooshing was worth it when you see what I saw!
Up up and away
It's getting crowded up there!
And there's more!
What a view!
Sometimes I thought the balloons were more amazing than the landscape which was 'awesome'!
I tried to go ballooning over the stupas in Bagan (3000+ of them) when in Myanmar last year. But sadly the weather was against us. We were woken at 4.00 am and told the flight was going, only to be followed by another call 15 minutes later to say it wasn't. Back to bed I fled! Still I would prefer that a balloonist didn't take a chance - and the Aussie female 'pilot' made the right decision. Plunging to the ground due to the weather - as has happened over the years - doesn't endear me to take a risk. 
What I missed in Bagan (remotelands.com)
So if you want to see Melbourne from above then Global Ballooning are Richmond based. I have often seen their baskets on the back of a trailer parked off Swan Street (and even outside the Hilton Hotel - that's where they have a champagne breakfast after the flight (and to warm up - it's kinda cool up in the atmosphere!)

Of course it's always an early start and subject to the weather. So if you want to go - you may have to try, try and try again until the weather is suitable. Its an odd thing but so often we have adventures out of our own city. So perhaps I need to go ballooning in Melbourne and have a look in my own window! Have you ever ballooned over Melbourne? Of anywhere else for that matter!

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