Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung
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Monday, 3 March 2014

A vineyard on the doorstep

On a weekend wander recently I was stunned - and thrilled - to discover hidden behind some trees a private vineyard on the banks of the 'mighty' Yarra River. Now Victoria has some great wine regions to explore including the Mornington Peninsula, the Yarra Valley, the Bellarine Peninsula - to name just a few - but would you expect to find a vineyard right here in downtown Richmond? (well technically speaking it is just across the walk-bridge in Kew - but....!) It's right at the junction of Victoria and Burnley Streets (park your car if you're not walking at the Victoria Gardens Shopping Centre). Keep walking north and voila there it is. As you are crossing Victoria Street look up to your right to see the famed Skipping Girl sign (see my earlier post September 2012 here
Little Audrey Kingston - askipping since 1938 - and still going strong!
You're on the right track after passing the Skipping Girl sign so walk across the footbridge to discover a little piece of private paradise.
The footbridge at the northern end of Burnley Street - looking back towards the Skipping Girl (she's above the warehouse on the left)
The Studley Park Vineyard is located at 5 Garden Terrace, Kew. The vineyard which is on 1 acre was only planted in 1994 but historically winegrowing and other agriculture had been carried out in the Kew, Hawthorn and Balwyn areas for over 100 years. The land where the vineyard is located had previously been a market garden and had been known as the Chinese Garden (hence Garden Terrace).
Who says the Yarra is not beautiful - in all it's natural glory
And there on the Yarra flat is a tiny piece of Cabernet Sauvignon and Rosé paradise
I'd call this a hidden gem - imagine owning it
Not surprisingly this is the closest vineyard to Melbourne - and even closer to Richmond!. You can even go on line and buy the wine at www.studley.com.au. Right across the river in Richmond development goes on ad infinitum - so it is wonderful that this little piece of paradise has been saved - so far - fingers crossed - from the developers. 

The Richmond side of the Yarra - more apartments on their way - but what a wonderful view of the river they will have - eventually!
And while you are on the Kew side of the river why not take a walk through the lovely Walmer Street bushland right opposite the vineyard - can you believe this is so close to the city! It's another hiddengem that we Richmondites are pretending is ours!!

The Walmer Street Bushland - it's just a hop, step and a jump to the city!
So park the car at Victoria Gardens Shopping Centre and put on your walking shoes (you can even walk from the Cottage if you really want a long walk), cross the river and a new world will open up. Want to bike-ride or walk along the river - that's just another option for you. Just be mindful of speeding bikers who think they own the shared pathways. Bell-ringing on approach doesn't seem to be part of their lycra ethos!
Good old Google will help you get your bearings!
Bowen Cottage client comment: Oh no you are full - I will try to shift things - because we just love BC. (book early!)

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