Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung
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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Melbourne = 10/10

I was interested to read that Melbourne celebrated Melbourne Day last week. Not only have I never heard of it but I saw no marketing on how it was being celebrated. Melbourne was founded on 30 August 1835 - just 178 years ago. We really are a young country. It seems that we need a celebration or an 'event' or a 'festival' for everything nowadays. I feel 'overloaded' just hearing about yet another.
Melbourne - an 'open book'
Still we Melburians do have reason to celebrate winning the world's most liveable city for the third straight year.  As reported in the Huffington Post - The Economist Intelligence Unit (that sounds frightening) take into account: stability, calculated via crime rates and other forms of civil unrest; access to and quality of healthcare; culture and environment; availability of and quality of education and infrastructure. 

It was interesting to read that the top 10 included 4 Australian cities - Perth, Sydney and Adelaide. Vienna was second and Vancouver third. But I was stunned at the ratings that were given for Melbourne with a total score of 97.5.
Stability: 95
Healthcare: 100
Culture & Environment: 95.1
Education: 100
Infrastructure: 100

How can the EIU give this city a rating of 100 for infrastructure when we don't even have a rail network to the airport! I would have given us a 100 for Culture and Environment and an 80 for infrastructure. I hate to think what the politicians will do with this!
The world's most liveable city in danger of turning into skyscraper city (wikipedia)
Still I have to agree that for Richmondites (and of course those staying at the Cottage) there is plenty of public transport - tram, train and bus all within walking distance - and then it's just a hop step and a jump into the city. But woe-be-tide those who live on the outskirts of this city. A 1+ hour commute with no public transport must be horrendous. 

Let's hope we don't rest on our laurels for too long or we'll plunge fast right out of the ratings. Until next year......

Bowen Cottage client comment: It truly is a haven

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