Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung
Roses at the Cottage

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Meeting Oslo

The Melbourne Writer's Festival is in full swing and between sessions I took a wander through the Atrium at Federation Square (right near the NGV Australia entrance). Saturdays are always 'alive' with readers who pop in for the weekly Book Market. I never fail to pick up a second hand book at a bargain price. 
Oslo Davis in the Atrium
Imagine my surprise to see one of my favourite cartoonists Oslo Davis painting away capturing the crowds. Oslo can be found in The Age about 3 days per week and he never fails to capture my attention and imagination and he often makes me laugh. Stopping for a chat with him was one of the highlights of the day. His ink wash drawings just kept happening whilst we were chatting. The brush never stopped. I asked him how difficult it was having to come up with a 'cartoon' at least three times a week - just imagine the pressure. "Well sometimes it's difficult, and sometimes I don't get it right but you have to move on". 
Oslo with his selection of cards and book (the brown covered one is in the Cottage Library)
I purchased his book of sketches for the Cottage Library and was delighted when he signed my copy. I'm sure it's worth a small fortune now. 
Best wishes to Jan (and the Cottage readers!)
Most of the sketches relate to a series he did on the State Library of Victoria.The following appeals to me as it reminds me of the NGV International and particularly their upstairs gallery showing our wonderful  collection of international art - it looks just like this!
Art, art and more art
And just to show that I am not just a one-eyed Oslo fan here is today's cartoon (on a non-Oslo day) by Weldon.
Writers and Wrongers Festivals!
Don't you just love people who think outside the square. It's so obvious when you see it. But I would never have thought of 'wrongers'. Thanks Oslo and Weldon.

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