Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung
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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The Nylex Sign

Overlooking the Punt Road Bridge (not surprisingly named for the punt that used to cross the Yarra River before the bridge was built!) is one of Richmond's, and probably Melbourne's, most iconic and familiar neon signs. Created in 1961 it was erected on top of the old malt storage silos. It's in a prime position - facing the city and at the entrance to the Monash Freeway. The clock on top of the sign has had a stop start existence and is currently in the stopped position! The parcel of land on which the 20 x 12 level silos sit has also had a stop start life in the many proposed redevelopments of the site. It's also currently in the stalled postion! Even the Nylex company has gone - it's now a delisted company - although you'll still find hoses/fittings at your local hardware store.
The iconic Nylex Sign atop the silos (Herald Sun)
In the meantime Melburnians are so familiar with the site as it is that I wonder if we will ever accept that one day - some day - the site will be flattened and redeveloped and all but the now heritage listed sign and clock will disappear. Another piece of history gone forever.

The Nylex sign incorporated in our History on a wall
The marvellous mural of Richmond and Melbourne history (see earlier post August 2012) which is currently under 'wraps' on the old Dimmey's building (see earlier post May 2012) which is being re-developed shows how important this sign is to Melbourne.

A Nylex sign designer cushion
Still it's always nice to be reminded of what we had and as is the fashion these days there are some stores selling Nylex Sign cushions. If you want to take a little slice of Richmond home with you then I recommend a visit the quirkily named Lily and the Weasel - a great gift shop located at 173 Swan Street - 9421 1008. You'll find Skipping Girl and Nylex Sign cushions and even Metro Melbourne train map cushions (will that make the trains run on time?!).  


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