Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung
Roses at the Cottage

Monday, 13 May 2013

Look up!

Richmond has such a diversity of architecture - from warehouse conversions, to the converted grain silos (see earlier post 13 November 2012), to the hideous modern blocks of 'trendy' apartments, to gorgeous old Victorian and Edwardian homes and shop facades. The juxtaposition of all of these makes for interesting and often challenging viewing. 
Such pretty tops - such ugly 'bottoms'
No perfect Haussmann's Paris here. I could go on about the ruination of the suburb (and parts of the CBD - just think of the so-called Paris end of Collins Street - you need to visit with an imaginative eye these days!) but in some ways this eclectic mix of architecture makes it more challenging to the eye!
Grandeur above - no comment below!
Just a stroll up and down Bridge Road near the Cottage gives an idea of the history of the area.

Simple elegance - even below isn't bad!
Sadly I don't think there is one photo that doesn't have tram lines or electricity lines - what a mess. How is it that European cities far older than Melbourne have underground cables?
Keep looking up!
Such a pretty floral and shell design - if you can fight you way through the lines!
And perhaps this is the piece de resistance - a set of gargoyles laughing at the lines, the crassness and the developments all around them.
And just in case you can't see them for lines - below is a detail!
No wonder his hair is standing on end!
What a pity - and all so close to the City of Yarra Council Chambers where they would have the ability to at least try and preserve some of the beauty of this suburb......

Bowen Cottage client comment: As soon as we go we want to turn around and come back!

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