Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung
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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

If you can't beat em - join em!

Our local Council seems to be of the opinion that 'official' graffiti is better than 'spontaneous' graffiti. Well I'm not so sure. There is something rather contrived about 'official' graffiti. It just doesn't seem to have the creativity, fun and energy (if graffiti can have such a thing as energy) that 'spontaneous' graffiti brings to our walls. 
Council graffiti on a traffic light control box
Melbourne's lane ways are famous for their graffiti which is ever-evolving while the 'official council' graffiti is static, rather contrived and one dimensional. 
Just near the Cottage at the corner of Bridge Road and Lennox Streets are perfect examples of 'council' graffiti. Covering a traffic light control box is the eye of a woman (with lovely long eyelashes!) and on the walls of the public toilet are some rather cute paintings covering the four seasons. But are they 'graffiti' of just decoration?
They are rather fun and certainly an improvement on the grey walls of the public toilet!

I am interested that they have not been 'attacked' by the spray can as many of our streets have. I guess it won't be too long before they are defaced. Then there will be the Council cost to return them to their original design. 

Somehow the ever-changing public graffiti just has more colour, life and energy about it. There is a surprise around every corner. 
The ever-changing graffiti walls abutting Richmond Station
Another wall abutting Richmond Station
As I stated in an earlier post 8 August 2012 I love the public graffiti on the history of Richmond. It is an extraordinary piece of art. I will be watching closely as the building is being 'developed'. I would hate to see this disappear. I hope it has a Heritage Listing!
The history of Richmond (and Melbourne)
For me the Council is trying too hard. And bizarrely I recently received a letter from them inviting me to attend a 'how to remove graffiti from your fence' class. Even more bizarrely there is no graffiti on the fence!

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