Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung
Roses at the Cottage

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

What is it about the Rhino?

It seems that Rhino's are invading Melbourne at the moment! It follows on from all the pachyderms that I wrote about recently. Those elephants have now all headed back to the Zoo. Walking along Bridge Road the other day I came across the most striking graffiti (or is it art) wall - advertising Richmond's postcode - and the appropriately named Three One 2 One Cafe. You can see the 3121 on his (or her) hump!
The 3121 Rhino on the corner of Hunter Street & Bridge Road
Co-incidentally Yarra Trams are currently running a series of advertisements to alert people to the weight and strength of one of their trams (50 tons). They are using the image of 30 charging rhinoceros (or is that rhinocerosi!) bearing down on you at speed on skateboards.
Imagine 30 rhinos heading straight for you - the winner would be....
It seems that the problem tram drivers have is that so many pedestrians are now hooked into their ear phones that they have no awareness of their surroundings and don't hear the approach of a tram - and that can have disasterous consequences. The Beware The Rhino passenger safety campaign is in response to an alarming increase in pedestrians being hit by trams.

If you haven't seen the advertisement - here it is. It's worth watching! 
You'll find reminder advertisements at most tram stops
Why not take a rhino tram - or walk - east along Bridge Road to see the 3121 mural. I'm not sure about the colour but I think it's a nice piece of graffiti art.  Alternatively take either the number 75 or the 48 direct into the city along Bridge Road - just around the corner from the Cottage. And please be mindful while in the vicinity of 30 skateboarding rhinocerosi particularly if you're chatting on your smartphone or 'groovin' to your favourite music.

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