Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung
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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

this one is for chocoholics

Church Street hosts two very important shops if you are a chocoholic. It may come as a surprise but for someone who loves food I can take or leave a chocolate! But for those that do love chocolate you will find The Richmond Chocolate Factory Outlet just around the corner at 133 Church Street (near the corner of Highett Street) It's the outlet for Ernest Hillier and Newmans Chocolates. 
You can't miss it!
The history of Hilliers is interesting. Ernest Hillier was Australia's first chocolate maker and he began making chocolates in 1914 - a cause for a centenary celebration!  I didn't grow up in Melbourne but for those who did one of the highlights of a visit to the city (a big thing in the old days!) was to have a hot chocolate, or a chocolate sundae at Hilliers, their famous old Collins Street store in the Regent Theatre. And if my memory serves me correctly (!) you could buy a yard (for those modern guests - about a metre!) of Newmans chocolates (in a long red box - I think!!) 
A reminder of the past
A feast for the eyes and tastebuds!
All wrapped up for Christmas
What a choice! Fill your own bon bons, bowls or even your mouth!!
There is also a cafe - so stop by for a piece of chocolate heaven. Or pop next door for a coffee at yet another new cafe.

Boutique chocolatiers are all the rage at the moment - from Koko Black Salons (don't you love the addition of salon!) - they have a lovely one in the Royal Arcade in the city. And now there is Pana Chocolate at 491 Church Street (between Swan Street and the Yarra River). Their chocolate is raw, organic and homemade! The first time I noticed it I was driving past and wondered what the crowd in the street were looking at. Well it seems they were drooling at the window watching chocolate creations being made. It sparked my interest as well. So back I went a few days later to see for myself. Unfortunately although their neon sign was telling me that they were Now Making there was not a soul in sight. I popped inside. Still no-one - they must have been busy making out the back. But here is a view of their selection. 
Now making - the lights were on but there was no-one home!
An elegant selection
If you can't get enough of chocolates then of course you should visit one of the Adelaide owned Haigh's Chocolate shops (see my post on their shop in the beautiful Block Arcade here). Haigh's began in 1915 (just after Hillier!) and is Australia's oldest family owned chocolate maker. Still needing more? Then why not take an ever popular Chocoholics Tour (see link here) For a sweet tooth the possibilities are endless!
A bedside welcome at the Cottage
Bowen Cottage client comment: I always look forward to the welcome Ferrero Rocher on the bedside table. It's such a great welcome.

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