Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung
Roses at the Cottage

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

And they're racing - again!

I've talked in the past about my involvement with the Spring Racing Carnival (see earlier post here) so it's always a relief to 'do anything but go racing' at this time of the year! In fact I was reminiscing the other evening with my good friend who was the former Marketing Director for the TAB (now Tabcorp). In my past life the TAB was a great client for my company for over 14 years and I worked closely with Maurice to achieve some pretty great results. Maurice and I had just attended a meeting at our local Yarra Council regarding yet another over-development application and as we wandered home - he to his magnificent Edwardian home in Waltham Street on Richmond Hill - we laughed with relief that we 'don't have to do it - or go - ever - again'!
The boomtime home on the hill (hard to see through the greenery) - look at that gargoil on the roof!
But that doesn't mean that others really love this time of the year because of the racing, parties, dress-ups and much more. It just ain't for me (or Maurice!)

I've written about a well known local Richmond artist - who is also busy 'decorating' the blank walls of Richmond (see earlier post here). Nick Howson has had another wonderful time under the railway overpass in Swan Street (just near the T of Swan and Lennox Streets). 

Swan Street railway under/overpass - near Richmond Station
I photographed the artwork on a bright sunny day with shards of light slashing them through the darkened 'tunnel' - so forgive me for their 'impurities'. 

Number 3 heads off towards Punt Road!

Number 5 looking behind!

Number 7 - working hard (put that whip away!)

Number 9 - flying along the wall!
Do pop along and see them. I have to admit I must have driven past them a 1000 times and only registered on them recently. It's amazing what you can pass with your eyes open and yet not see!

And if you are off to the races - perhaps a bet on 3, 5, 7 or 9 will bring you luck - or not! Enjoy. 

Bowen Cottage client comment: Just lovely to have a home to stay in rather than an impersonal hotel room. So quiet and yet so convenient. The little touches make such a difference.    

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