Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung
Roses at the Cottage

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

McClelland Gallery and Sculpture Park

If you feel like a drive out of town then just an hour south towards the Mornington Peninsula (well worth a visit as well) the McClelland Gallery and Sculpture Park is in a wonderful location where you can wander amongst a myriad of amazing sculptures dotted around the park. With more than 100 sculptures I'm sure that you will find some that you love and some that 'just don't do it for you'. But that's the marvellous thing about having a wander and coming upon something weird and wonderful. The setting with its lakes and natural woodland is always full of surprises and there are lots of hidden nooks and crannies. It's a place where you can take and much or as little time as you wish to explore and if you have children then they will be able to run freely, climb on the sculptures, hide inside them or actually enjoy looking at them. There seems to be something for everyone - and the cafe is terrific. 

Here are just some of the sculptures that you will find on your visit. 
As smooth as a baby's bottom and eminently strokable!

The lake, the sculptures, the gallery and the cafe - gorgeous

Strong, powerful and perfectly located

Sweeping valleys dotted with sculptures - those you can see and those that are hidden

Love him or hate him - well he ain't my cup of tea but....I have to admit he is fun!

Nothing like a good climb to get rid of all that childish energy
Make a day of it or combine it with a visit to the nearby Royal Botanic Gardens Cranbourne (see earlier post here) It's just a 40 minute drive from Melbourne and is well worth it.

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