Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung
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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Richmond's Hot!

As I write this in searing 40+ degree heat I have been thinking of all the 'destinations' nearby where one can find a little relief from the heat. Of course if you are at the Australian Open Tennis it seems that there are loads of cool-down spots and showers being played on the spectators while the tennis players are required to play in what can only be described as life-threatening heat.

Spectators at the Tennis cooling off (AFP/Getty Images)
If it is 40+ degrees just imagine the radiating heat coming off the hard courts (at least the old-fashioned grass courts were a little cooler). It beggars belief how they are managing - even with icevests at the changeovers. I don't care how fit the players are - having them play in these temperatures (and without a saline drip after the match - in case of drugs!) - is quite frankly madness. 
Kenny de Schepper from France (where it is freezing) donning his icevest - on his head (AFP Getty Images)
So here are a dozen of my 'cool-off' suggestions on days like today

1. The 50m Richmond Recreation Centre indoor pool - in Gleadell Street (near the Richmond Town Hall) - just a short walk from the Cottage.
The Richmond Pool - it will be a little more crowded on a hot day!!

2. The old Melbourne City Baths which have been refurbished on the corner of Swanston and Victoria Streets - you can have a 'history lesson' while visiting
The historic City Baths

3. The National Gallery of Victoria - either the Ian Potter (corner Swanston and Flinders Streets) or the NGV International just a little further along Swanston Street. Run your fingers up and down the water-wall.
Cool clear water - at the NGV International

4. A movie at the Palace Como (corner Chapel Street - the extension of Church Street and Toorak Road, or one of the less appealing city cinemas
5. At the end of the day take a picnic to the nearby Fitzroy Gardens and sit near one of the lovely fountains - there's nothing like running water to cool you down
Splashing water in the beautiful Fitzroy Gardens

6. Try one of the local pubs or restaurants (you'll find a list of recommendations in the Cottage Welcome Manual) - have a long refreshing beer, a long lime and soda - and linger over a meal - just check that the airconditioning is working before entering!
7. Take the tram to the beach - laden with sunscreen, hats, water and shoes (that sand is hot hot hot on your feet)
8.  Lie low at the Cottage and enjoy one of the three air-conditioners (fingers crossed that the electricity grid can cope with all the demand - pathetic)
9. Don't take the train - the lines keep buckling and the wait can be inordinate (another pathetic!)
10. Make yourself a 'spider' - lemonade and icecream
11. Eat fish and chips - there's nothing like celebrating summer!! Try The Fish Market at 272 Bridge Road or Richmond Oysters at 437 Church Street
12. Cool down while worrying about all the icebergs that are melting
Melting iceberg - looks pretty but......(icestories.exploratorium.edu)
Have I forgotten anything? What do you do to cool off in an extended heatwave?

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