Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung
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Thursday, 12 December 2013

The Wigmaker of Richmond

I don't know how many times I have driven past this shop and never seen it! Then for some reason last weekend after I had just finished a lovely breakfast at Cheerio (323 Lennox Street - just up from Swan Street) as I walked out I was fascinated by the tatty venetians gracing the front door across the road!
Louis Barnett & Son & Son - I wonder how old the venetians are!
Wandering over to photograph them I was duly informed by my friend that this was THE place to come in the 60's for a wiglet for those extremely bouffed hairdo's that were in fashion in those days (this is dating me!) - she still has hers! Louis Barnett & Son & Son Pty Ltd (the second & Son is not a typo!) has been in the wig-making business since 1900! And some of the fittings looked like the originals. 
Wigs in the basin, wigs on the chair (1900?) here a wig, there a wig, everywhere a wig wig!
There was the odd head with a half-finished wig in the basin - and heads of hair were everywhere! It was rather surreal and I have to say a bit creepy!
Hair rugs for men or..
As the website states - they specialise in first class Natural European Hair-the Rolls Royce of Hair. 
They only use 'virgin' hair! (not previously coloured or permed)
There are ladies wigs and hairpieces, mens wigs and toupees, and theatrical wigs and hairpieces. They even provide 'movember moustaches' - and Santa wigs!
Ho ho ho
So take a wander past 312 Lennox Street and have a peek in the window - then cross the road and enjoy a Cheerio coffee.

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