Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung
Roses at the Cottage

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Inner Urban Veggie Gardens

When I first moved to Richmond (or North Yarraah as we often jokingly like to refer to it) around 10 years ago many front gardens were filled to overflowing with a wonderful array of vegetables. Vegetable growing was serious business. No fluffy flowers, iceberg roses or trendy yukkas. And this was certainly before hunter gathering became 'fashionable'. Many of the gardens were planted by the predominantly Greek immigrants who once made Richmond their Aussie home. (see previous posts May 2012 and March 2012)  Sadly as the suburb has developed the number of cottages featuring lush vegetable gardens has diminished but those that are left certainly make up for it. 
After a hard mornings work in the garden - its time to sit and admire
My aging Greek neighbour can still be seen morning, noon and night tending her garden. There is manure to be dug in, there is watering to be done, there is weeding to be done and of course there is planting to be done. It is constant and ongoing and the results show just what can be achieved if your heart is in it. And after a dig in the garden there is nothing better than to sit on a garden bench watching the world go by and chatting in Greek to your now dwindling countrymen and women who live nearby. 
Oranges and lemons aplenty
It's a lovely thing to watch the work that goes into this garden. Oranges and lemon trees that bear more fruit than I've ever seen - thanks to all that manure and of course the care and attention. Not only are there leeks, spring onions, silver beet and broccoli, I love that there are leafy greens that I don't know. They look like weeds to me but I'm sure they're not! Do you know what they are? Unfortunately I can't ask my charming neighbour. She has limited English - even though she's been here for more than 40 years.
Unusual leafy vegetables
On your wanders in the area keep your eye out for the ever diminishing front garden vegetable plots. They are still around. Just.

Bowen Cottage client comment this week: Thank you for a lovely relaxing stay. The cottage was an oasis to retreat to after a day of shopping and eating. Perfect size, great location, lovely to look at and has everything including umbrellas!

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