Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung
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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Our history on a wall

I do wonder what will happen to the 50 metre mural wall in Richmond (on the eastern side of the soon to be re-developed Dimmeys building - covered in our post of 26 May 2012). The wall has the history of Australia on it and is worth a stop en route along Swan Street - it's on the corner of Green Street. 
The wall that covers our history
It tells the story not only of Richmond but of Australia - whether it be rock star Nick Cave or Cathy Freeman winning Gold at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games or Barry Humphries as Dame Edna Everidge (and Sir Les Patterson) currently on 'their' farewell show in Melbourne - there's something for everyone!
The Arts Centre Spire, Cathy celebrating Gold, Sir Les in a typical 'position' with Nick Cave 'horrified'!
Sporting heroes, war heroes, artists, writers, actors, famed Richmond icons (including the Pelaco sign covered in our post of 26 June) it's all 'there'.
Football, Cricket, Unions, Radio Stations - it's all there!

Artist Hayden Dewar took 3-4 years to create this fascinating melange of Australia - with particular reference to Melbourne and Richmond. It was commissioned for Dimmeys 150th anniversary. I think it's a masterpiece. I was interested - and pleased - to see that it is obviously respected by the random graffiti 'artists' who are busy defacing many of the walls in Richmond - it appears not to have been touched.
Esky's, Redheads, Trams, Skippy, Graham Kennedy, Rolf Harris - the list goes on!

I encourage you to stop by and see how many of the faces, stories and Aussie icons you recognise. You'll have fun trying to pinpoint such a diverse range of our 'cultya'. It's an extraordinary feat to have squeezed so much into one wall - albeit a long one! 

And on a final note as the Olympics rage in London it was at the 'friendly games' in Melbourne (the first in the Southern Hemisphere) that a young Melburnian, John Ian Wing, came up with the idea for the Closing Ceremony. Previously the athletes had marched as teams as they do at the Opening Ceremony. He suggested that they mingle together for their final appearance. Thus began an Olympic tradition that continues to this day. 
The Friendly Games - Melbourne 1956 with the (MCG) Olympic Stadium
Have fun, take your time and see if you can think of something that the artist should have included!

Bowen Cottage client comment this week: We love this place. It is one of our favourite weekends of the year coming here!

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