Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung
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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Dimmeys - a Richmond institution - farewell

The Dimmeys Ball and Clock Tower on busy Swan Street
Dimmeys - the building opened in 1853 with Dimmeys arriving in 1905 - is an amazing shop in downtown Richmond. It's an institution - and loaded with bargains of every imaginable description. The adline says it all "Dimmeys more than you bargain for"! 
An almost empty store with a bargain on every table
The developers (is there any end in sight to their avariciousness!) have been eyeing the building for years and finally a 10 storey over-development is to incorporate this building. Although the ball and tower are protected the Richmond skyline will change forever. There are plans for Dimmeys to return to the site once the development is finished but I wonder if that will happen. As Richmond gentrifies itself an enormous bargain store has probably passed its use-by date.

It has been visited by the rich and famous and the poor and needy and everything in between. The odd designer label can still be found squeezed next to an end of the line tasteless item. That's always been part of the fun and part of the challenge!

I see the building was destroyed by fire in 1906
One of the front windows has a fascinating display of the history of the building and the shop. I wonder how many people stop and read all about it? I suspect very few. If you are walking past - pop in for a look and perhaps pick up a bargain (I certainly have) and read a little of the history of a unique institution.
I love this one - the electric tram arrives in 1916 (and still going strong!)

Bowen Cottage - client comment this week: We have arrived. The cottage is gorgeous 

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