Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung
Roses at the Cottage

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Aboriginal Scarred Trees

Melbourne is home to the Wurundjeri tribe of Aborigines - the original settlers of our ancient land. Two of Melbourne's scarred trees are reminders that they inhabited this land for 40,000 years whilst European settlers arrived a mere 200+ years ago.  Both the trees are within walking distance of Bowen Cottage.
(The scar on this tree was created when Aboriginal people removed bark to make canoes, shields, food and water containers, string, baby carriers and other items.
Please respect this site. It is important to the Wurundjeri people as traditional custodians of the land and is part of the heritage of all Australians)

The beautiful Fitzroy Gardens (laid out in the shape of the British Union Jack) in nearby East Melbourne house one example. The day I photographed this tree I watched as many visitors strolling through the gardens missed it completely! It was only when I began to photograph it that anyone showed any interest!  
The Fitzroy Gardens Scarred Tree

As we move into the football season the second tree which is in the MCG park (a wonderful off-lead park for dogs to run free) I wonder how many football fans will walk past this tree without a  second glance - and I wonder how many who do see it will stop, look or even talk to their children about it. Heading to see their favourite footy team play will have much more importance to them. What a shame. 
The MCG Park Scarred Tree
Each one tells a story and yet I feel sure many people will sadly think they are both just dead trees!
Do you know of any other Scarred Trees in Melbourne?


  1. What an interesting post! Fitzroy Gardens is one of my favourite places, but I don't remember the scarred trees. On the list for my next visit.

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